Monday, 20 May 2013

Veggie Cakes and all things Rocky!

It was a busy week in my world last week, hence why I'm a bit behind in my posting. I am also, as you will see, a bit behind in my baking as well but not being the hardened drinker that I used to be, one night on the tiles pretty much rules out the rest of the weekend.

It is the Rocky Horror Picture Show's 40th Anniversary this year (I know!!) and so it felt right to reunite with some fellow fans and head to the tour. Oh, what fun - it's been a long time since I have let myself loose quite so much, helped of course by being dressed up and having a rather healthy dose of red wine before, during and after (not forgetting the vodka once that all ran out). Here are two of my favourite images of the night of two of my favourite people (sorry, lovelies!):

BEFORE:                                                          AFTER:

                   THE END!

As you can imagine, suffered somewhat following and so the weekend was spent sorting out the house and generally rehydrating myself. On the baking front, I took on the challenge posed by my Facebook group, to make something with beetroot. Really not something I have ever even tried before, let alone baked with but, you gotta try these things. I chose a Beetroot Seed Cake and whilst it wasn't completely right (half got stuck in the tin and it's a little bit crumbly), it tastes really good and I LOVE the addition of how crunchy the seeds make it. I will be doing that again!

I managed to knock up some soup for the week too - some Thai style Chicken Noodle. Another first for me, cooking with coconut cream, but has a really nice heat to it which you notice and does make your nose slightly stream but doesn't make your mouth hurt. Really unusual, but pretty typical of thai food - well, the stuff I've eaten anyway!

That was about the total of it this week so in the coming week, I am going to up my game by cooking something very egg based (the challenge) to which I have an idea, as well as a treat for my work team and perhaps something with my daughter as we're home based this coming weekend - although have to fit it around two birthday parties and a visit from another old friend. My social life has never been so full, hmmmm!

To sign off with another one of my favourite people:

"What is there to forgive?. . .Ignore forgive and concentrate on living. Life for you is short; far too short to allow small jealousies to infringe on the happiness which can be yours only for the briefest of times."
Jasper Fforde

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