Friday, 2 November 2012

He put in his thumb and pulled out a plum…

Well, it wasn’t a surprise to see Sid Owen leave Strictly as he’s been a little bit dodgy throughout.. I think he was one of those to have a lucky dance early on but then never fulfilled that potential. Not overly helped by Ola’s choreography although she should stop apologising as if she’s the reason they were voted off – he was bad and that’s why, Ola! Anyway, it must be Michael’s time to go really soon. I dislike him intensely for no reason at all except he was sooo very bad and is still in it and yet, Johnny Ball went out first L

My millionaire shortbread was a bit of a winner, even if I say so myself. The biscuit could’ve been crumblier but was nice and the caramel and chocolate were about right – shame I can’t quite get the hang of marbling! It went down well, especially with my son who couldn’t get it in quick enough… he is a true Stewart

Talking of which, look at this beauty! Obviously, during a rather odd time in the 70’s, I penned this lovely seasonal cookery book. Reading through it, it’s really rather dated and I appear to have a slight fascination with game and innards, but perhaps I will find something to bake in there; I haven’t done much savoury baking.

So this week I have nooo pressure (?) as I will be making the Plum Pudding for the family Christmas. It’s a pretty big affair too, there’ll be 9 of us I think. Unfortunately, this does mean I won’t be able to let you know how this turns out for some time yet. But, I will of course post a picture.
I know Christmas is still quite a way away but I do like getting into the spirit, whatever the occasion! Halloween this year was extra special as I spent it with two wonderful women I don’t get to see enough. I wish I’d dressed up as the kids looked fabulous – as did the amazing hosts. And I have been buying lots of Christmas presents this week too which has got me very excited and wishing it wasn’t quite so far away. I do have four family birthdays between now and early January as well as a very exciting wedding so I expect the next couple of months will be a bit of a whirlwind! Yes J

I didn’t realise there was quite such a religious reason behind the humble Xmas Pud but apparently it must be prepared with 13 ingredients to represent Christ and the 12 apostles, and that every family member stir it in turn from east to west to honor the Magi and their supposed journey in that direction – thank you, Wikipedia! It did remind me that in my childhood, my mum always put 20p’s into the pudding. I am sooo doing this as it’s is believed to bring wealth in the coming year. Our lottery syndicate won £72 today, so I am thinking we’re only going up from there!
Right then, time to go chop prunes to soak in tea and bung loads of other dried fruit into beer and stuff (this might take overnight but that’s bearable - it takes 8-10 hours to steam this thing, that’s my Sunday sorted!). All in the name of food, but then again…

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food”

George Bernard Shaw

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