Thursday, 15 November 2012

Whoopee – it’s Whoopie Pie time!

Who would have believed that the beautiful Kimberley would be in the bottom two of Strictly – not I, that’s who! I am guessing everyone thought she was safe but makes me sort of sad that the ‘great’ British public would rather vote for Michael Vaughan and Richard Arnold – what is up wit’ dat? Obviously, from the two at risk, the right one went home (and I wasn’t sad to see the back of Fern’s overhanging back skin – she looked amazing but that dress didn’t do her many favours, to be honest!) but Michael is still in it – there is no justice! I am embarrassed to admit that my favourite was Nicky from Westlife – he just sold it and I don’t want to like it, partly because he never seems to thank his partner or acknowledge anything she does but mainly because my husband thinks Karen is smoking! She did look gorgeous on Saturday though <sigh>
Right, empanadas! I’m not quite sure what went wrong with my pastry, but something definitely did in that it was elastic and kept pinging back when I tried to roll it out so it was too thick when I finally made them and dry and just not right L The filling was pretty yummy and they were demolished by my husband and daughter but I think (well, I know) I need to work on it. I think pastry is one of those things you need to practice so of course, this week I am avoiding it like the plague and going back to my favourite – chocolate and coconut!
Whoopie pies (or BFO’s – Big Fat Oreos!) are apparently the next big thing to hit us from America – I’m not too sure about that but they sound pretty good and seeing as they may be considered either a cookie, pie or a cake, pretty much covers all my favourite kinds of sweet things! The addition of coconut into the cream just makes me salivate and so I am going for broke! They are apparently the official state ‘treat’ of Maine – see, that’s why I love America, each state has an official treat in addition to the state dessert, which in Maine’s case is Blueberry Pie. I think I could live in Maine, well except for the horrendously cold winters - minus 50 has been recorded - the crazy hicks and bigfoots that live in the forests and the fact no-one else seems to live there, the Northwest Aroostook territory has an area of 2,668 square miles (6,910 km2) and a population of 27!
So this week sees two big events both on Friday; Children in Need is taking place and Aviva has been lucky enough to be selected to host a call centre, taking pledges and donations across the night. It promises to be a lot of fun as I am gutted I have to miss it… but, the reason I can’t be there is we have a big family wedding which is really exciting. Almost ten years in the making, it is going to be the first occasion when we get proper dolled up as a little family of four – my daughter has got silver mouse shoes and my son has a tie with skulls on, we are going to look ace. So, in honour of my lovely Brother in Law and future Sister in Law:

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

Dr Seuss.



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